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おわる おしめりミニポスター Owaru Oshimari mini poster

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『プッシーキングさまの悪癖』ファティ様&カドリのB5サイズのミニポスター。 ウェット&メッシーな特殊加工仕様です☆ サイズ:B5サイズ 182×257 "Bad habit of Pushy King" Fati & Kadori's B5 size mini poster. Wet & Messy special processing specifications. Size : B5 size Maid in Japan ======== 🌹Owal Profile/Owal 简介🌹 Owal’s commercial debut at Takeshobo Qpa was in 2012. Over the past few years, she has become a master of ‘ero-kyun’ ,and has been active in the front lines since then. She has always pursued a whole new way to express ‘moe’ and eroticism, and has been fascinated by many readers for many years with her insatiable and readable works. She draws various aspects of the cool, cute, and eros of handsome boys falling in love on a beautiful screen with a dynamic view, she has been named as the erotic goddess of the Yaoi/BL world. Currently, "Suite Room Escape" is being serialized on Qpa. Comics: Pussy King samanoakuheki, Rikaifunoukusocutie, Our House Love Trouble, Omoichigaigakoinotane, Hang Out Crisis, Kichiku- Encount, Junjobitch-hatsukoikei. 2012年于竹书房Qpa出道之后,以令人心跳加速的小黄漫迅速出名,近年来一直活跃在BL圈的最前线。 Owal老师多年来不断尝试以新的手法来表现“萌”和“工口”,充满新鲜感又刺激的作品抓住了众多读者的心。 她擅长于从各方面立体的描写美男子们的帅气可爱和脸红心跳,不愧被称为BL圈的工口女神。 现在正于Qpa上连载「逃离套房」。 作品:「荒淫王子的坏毛病」「难以捉摸的可爱甜心」「我家恋爱好麻烦」「误会是恋爱的种子」「外出危机」「鬼畜遭遇」「纯情浪荡男的初恋」

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