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春川ナミオ トランプ

5,500 JPY

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空山基プロデュースの春川ナミオ作品が楽しめる 桐箱入トランプです。 カードは全て絵柄が異なるスペシャル仕様 少し大きめのポーカーサイズ(63×89mm)で コレクションとして楽しむことも可能です。 素材:プラスチック/箔押桐箱入 サイズ:63×89mm(52枚+ジョーカー2枚) 価格:5,500円(税込) ---------------------------------------------------------------- You can enjoy Namio Harukawa's works produced by Hajime Sorayama. Playing cards in a paulownia wood box. All cards are specially designed with different patterns. The slightly larger poker size (63 x 89 mm) It is possible to enjoy them as a collection. Material: Plastic/packed in a foil-stamped paulownia box Size: 63 x 89 mm (52 cards + 2 jokers) ============================ SHIPPING METHOD INFORMATION ============================ We will ship with tracking via Japan Post. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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