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伊藤晴雨によって切り拓かれた縛り絵・責め絵。その被虐美を研ぎ澄まし日本の緊縛を継承する現代絵師たちによる責め絵アンソロジー。 寄稿=奈加あきら、田中雅一、相馬俊樹 参加作家(順不同) 美濃村晃/Kou Minomura, 沖渉二/Shoji Oki, 秋吉巒/Ran Akiyoshi, 椋陽児 /Yoji Muku, 小妻容子/Yoko Ozuma, 空山基/Hajime Sorayama, 鏡堂みやび /Miyabi Kyodo, 田亀源五郎/Gengoroh Tagame, 沙村広明/Hiroaki Samura 仕様:210 x 150 mm、並製、336ページ 価格:4,200円(税別) 発売:エディシオン・トレヴィル社 After the World War II, people sought entertainment and freedom in magazines, and a great many magazines came out. Mania magazines were one of them. They raised people’s sexual and even aesthetic interests in <Kinbaku>, which involves binding the body with ropes, and played an important role in forming Japanese SM culture. From late 1940s to 1960s, these magazines faced a danger of being banned several times. However, they overcame those hardships by exercising ingenuity and originality and, while altering their content, gradually increased their influence, leading the SM boom in 1970s to 1980s. Furthermore, due to the impacts of movies and manga and more diverse methods of obtaining information with the rise of the Internet, Kinbaku became more recognized as Japanese original aesthetic and artful representation and spirit, both domestically and internationally. The visual role in Kinbaku expression is significant, and what invited readers of the aforementioned magazines to the pleasure of fertility images were insert illustrations drawn by “eshi” (master artists). This Book presents nine artists who actively worked with publications, mainly magazines, and expanded the readers’ mind from post-WWII to modern day. Those who laid the foundation for SM magazines, those who incarnated eros with their diverse imaginations, those who brought their bold fantasies out to the world, and those who not only presented Kinbaku depictions, but developed them into depictions of hard torture. Despite varied means of expression and publishing media, each one of them created an enormous amount of works in which their senses of beauty were condensed. This Book follows the tracks of beauty created by these phenomenal artists while looking back on the history of Kinbaku paintings/illustrations and harsh torture pictures. ============================ SHIPPING METHOD INFORMATION ============================ We will ship with tracking via Japan Post. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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