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カネオヤサチコ 個展カタログ『隙間的青年百貨改』

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カネオヤサチコ展「隙間的青年百貨改」の開催を記念したカラーイラスト集! おなじみ「よいこ横丁」のキャラクターたち、軍人さん、白いハイソックス半ズボン、セーラー服、ワイシャツネクタイ、スーツ姿etc… 独自の色使いとユーモア溢れるカネオヤイズムで切り取られた、ブルージーなおにいさんたちの日常がたっぷり詰まった一冊です! 豪華フルカラー・大ボリュームの152ページでカネオヤワールドをご堪能ください。 <仕様>152P(カバー付き)/A5サイズ/フルカラー A collection of color illustrations commemorating the exhibition of Sachiko Kaneoya " Sukimateki Seinen Hyakka Kai"(Boy's Absolute Territory)! The well-known "Yoiko Yokocho" characters, military men, short pants with white high socks, sailor suits, shirt and tie, suits, etc. The book is filled with the daily lives of bluesy nannies, cut out with unique use of color and humorous Kaneoya-isms! Enjoy the Kaneoya world in 152 pages of gorgeous full-color and large volume. <Specifications> 152 pages (with cover) / A5 size / full color *About orders from outside of Japan The delivery from Japan to the overseas get delayed due to the COVID-19. Please note that it may take a long while until it arrives. If you order our marchandise via Buyee, please contact to Buyee for any shipping inquiries.

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