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カネオヤサチコ 「隙間的青年百貨改」アクリルスタンド

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On the occasion of Sachiko Kaneoya's 2023 solo exhibition "Boys' Absolute Territory", an acrylic stand featuring an original illustration newly drawn by Sachiko Kaneoya is now available! The enigmatic suited man in the background of the glittering city buildings makes you squeal with delight. Available only at Vanilla Gallery. Size: 11 cm (height) [Sachiko Kaneoya's Profile] She creates works on the main theme of "boys," from short pants and white high socks to shaving marks on his beard. She says, "After a short but fresh youth, I have been out in the world for a few years and have lost all hope and dreams, I hope to express men (oniisan) whose hearts are stagnant but their bodies are pure from a slightly evil point of view." カネオヤサチコ2023年個展「隙間的青年百貨改」開催にあたり、描き下ろしオリジナルイラストを使用したアクリルスタンドが登場! 個展フライヤーイラストでも描かれた、きらびやかな都会のビル街をバックに、アンニュイな雰囲気のスーツおにいさんがうずくまる姿にキュンキュンします。 ヴァニラ画廊限定販売です。 サイズ:高さ約11cm ============================ SHIPPING METHOD INFORMATION ============================ We will ship with tracking via Japan Post. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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