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春川ナミオ 『ドミナの玉座、あるいは顔面騎乗主義者の愉楽』 追悼画集I

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寄稿:空山基、谷川渥、藤田博史、相馬俊樹、アニエス・ジアール、ビブリオグラフィーなど。 * The introduction section is replaced with handwritten text by Namio HARUKAWA. Some illustrations are replaced with new ones, and the structure of the book is revised. 16 pages of additional bonus illustrations are also included. A new book cover adopting a twin design with the ?Illustration Book II by Namio HARUKAWA?. *Includes the text of a valuable interview with Namio HARUKAWA. Contribution: Hajime SORAYAMA, Atsushi TANIGAWA, Hiroshi FUJITA, Toshiki SOMA, Agnès Giard. Also contains the bibliography, etc. A way of life called masochism invented in modern times in the 19th century. A milestone in Femdom art dearly loved by Oniroku DAN, Shuji TERAYAMA, and Madonna. This is an expanded edition of the illustration book containing the essence of the aesthetics of masochism of Namio HARUKAWA who lived up to his life-long love for Ganmen Kijo (facesitting). An introduction by and interview with Namio HARUKAWA Contribution: Hajime SORAYAMA, Atsushi TANIGAWA, Hiroshi FUJITA, Agnès Giard, Toshiki SOMA *Product Details* A5 deformed size, 366 pages, ordinary bindi memorial expanded edition of NAMIO HARUKAWA ARTBOOK A5変形版、366ページ、並製 ============================ SHIPPING METHOD INFORMATION ============================ We will ship with tracking via Japan Post. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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