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春川ナミオ 追悼画集 II『顔面騎乗主義は永遠に』

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*未発表作品、ラフスケッチをはじめ最近作から中期カラー作品など過去の春川ナミオ作品から選りすぐった作品群で構成(『春川ナミオ画集 I』と重複しません。) *春川ナミオアーカイブには希少な劇画作品「処刑島の女王」、アトリエ風景ほかを紹介。寄稿:鹿島茂、みうらじゅん、ロッキン・ジェリービーン、大沼瞳(ヴァニラ画廊) 孤高のロマンティック・マゾヒズムでM世界を席巻し、その生涯を堵して<絶対的顔面騎乗主義>のレジームを貫いたフェムドム・アート界の太陽王・春川ナミオに捧ぐレクイエム。異才の苛烈な画業と謎にみちた驚異の人生を回顧した愛溢れる追悼版。 寄稿:鹿島茂、みうらじゅん、ロッキン・ジェリービーン、大沼瞳 初期&未発表作品、デッサン、アトリエ風景など貴重資料収録。 memorial edition FACESITTINGS are FOREVER A5変形版、366ページ、並製 * The book consists of a fine selection of Namio HARUKAWA’s works from the past, including unpublished works, rough sketches, recent works, and colored works of the middle period (the content does not overlap with the “Illustration Book I by Namio HARUKAWA”). * The Namio HARUKAWA archive contains a rare Gekiga (hard-boiled style) work “Shokeijima no Oujo” and the scenery of his atelier. Contribution: Shigeru KASHIMA, Jun MIURA, Rockin'Jelly Bean, Hitomi ONUMA (Vanilla Gallery) We can ship other Namio's items together. If there is an excess shipping cost ,wewill be refunded after payment. We will give you the details in the message. A requiem dedicated to the memory of Namio HARUKAWA, the Sun-King of Femdom art who swept over the masochistic world with his romantic masochism and remained committed to the regime of “absolute Ganmen Kijo Shugi (facesitting principle)” throughout his life. This is an illustration book in his memory full of love, retracing amazing mysterious life of an artist of exceptional talent. Contribution: Shigeru KASHIMA, Jun MIURA, Rockin'Jelly Bean, Hitomi ONUMA Contains valuable materials, including early and unpublished works, preliminary sketches, and the scenery of his atelier. A5 deformed size, 366 pages, ordinary binding … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ============================ SHIPPING METHOD INFORMATION ============================ ⚠️Due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 and other international situations due to the Ukrainian crisis, etc., there may be delivery delays or restrictions in shipping products to certain countries

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