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三浦靖冬 『えんじがかり〈完全版〉』

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Product Information Enjigakari (Complete Edition) A5 size (150x210mm)/nekomimi sleeve 400 pages (including 8 color pages) / 4 newly drawn pages Includes all 18 episodes, plus one episode's plot and name (The "cat ears" on the cat ear sleeve can be bent, and the book will be delivered in the folded state.) For shipping in Japan, please use Yahoo!shopping ※日本国内の発送はYahoo!ショッピングをご利用ください ※日本国内からご注文をいただいた場合はキャンセルさせていただきます。 If you are mailing within Japan, please be sure to use Yahoo!shopping. If you use a forwarding company, all shipments will be cancelled for delivery within Japan.

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